TEST ITEM - A group of five various Chinese snuff bottles

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TEST ITEM - A group of five various Chinese snuff bottles

A group of five various Chinese snuff bottles



comprising of an enamelled double gourd bottle, decorated with figures and children, with gilt metal stopper and the base with a Yongzheng four character mark, a chalcedony bottle carved with figures, with stopper, a gilt metal and gem stone mounted agate bottle, with stopper, a tapering blue and white bottle decorated with a seated figure, with stopper, and an underglaze blue and red decorated bottle with the Eight horses of Mu Wang


包括葫芦状鼻烟壶,绘有人物童子,壶塞镀金,底部有“雍正年制” 四字;硬玉鼻烟壶,连塞;玛瑙镀金及彩石珠饰鼻烟壶,连塞;青花人物绘饰鼻烟壶,连塞;釉下彩骏马鼻烟壶,无塞

Size: The double gourd bottle 6.7cm, the chalcedony bottle 6cm, the gilt metal mounted bottle 8cm, the blue and white bottle 9cm, and the bottle with horses 7.6cm high
Condition: The chalcedony bottle with a large four strand star crack to the side and possible restoration, the gilt metal bottle with some degradation to the metal mounts at the side and some chips to the stones, the underglaze blue and red bottle with wear to the g
Estimate: £400 – 600
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